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Your final payment should be by paid by direct bank account money wire transfer, due 90 days before the expedition departs.


READ OUR GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS and the LIABILITY AND RELEASE (below) before making your reservation





Participant Agreement


I am/My daughter or son is.................................................................enthusiastic about participating in this course. We understand that an enjoyable and fulfilling experience with NOA depends on my positive attitude, on my willingness to contribute to the whole group and on my willingness to participate enthusiastically in the program activities. We understand that disruptive behavior, my use or possession of any form of tobacco, any alcoholic product or any illegal drug will result in my immediate return home, at my own expense and without refund. We have read, understand and agree to abide by the application guidelines, payment schedule, late fees, and cancellation policy. I also give NOA permission to use my name, address and picture in promotional materials and press releases.


Enrollment Process


An enrollment packet containing a course description, equipment list, travel information and other materials to help you prepare for your course will be sent to you once your application has been accepted. You must return the following information from the enrollment packet:


  1. Medical form (must be signed by a physician). Medical insurance coverage during course dates is required. Temporary medical insurance may be obtained from TravelGuard (800-826-4919,

  2. Acknowledgment of risks forms

  3. A photocopy of the ‘minor international travel letter’ (must be signed by parents and notarized)

  4. Photocopy of the first two pages of the traveler's passport and student ID - for international courses


Student Behavior and Discipline. NOA will expel any student who exhibits behavior that is unsafe or disrupts or distracts from the educational mission of their course. Harassment, use of drugs and alcohol, theft or misuse of property, low motivation and disregarding instructions are examples of behavior that will lead to expulsion. If a student is expelled there will be no refund and the return home will be at the expense of the participant and their family.


Equal Opportunity. NOA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability in the administration of its admission or employment policies. If NOA reasonably determines that a disability could lead to an inappropriate level of danger to the student or others, based upon a particular activity, then that person may be ineligible for that particular course or assignment but would not be excluded from other opportunities offered by NOA.




Client’s Declaration:


I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions and I accept them.



Client’s Signature: _____________________________________Date: ___________________


Parent/ Guardian of the minor


Signature: ____________________________________________Date:____________________

(If under 18)




Note: you can email this form back to us at 




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