NOA's Marine Conservation Projects

NOA in association with different partners aims to preserve the natural habitat and Bio-diversity contained with in the different national parks and reserves of Costa Rica, by establishing conservation and sustainability. In doing so, we hope to secure economically-linked environmental sustainability for future generations.


In addition, to work directly with our partners on biological research projects, NOA has supported conservation and sustainable development projects.

Leatherback Sea turtle Conservation Project:


Leatherback sea turtle is critically endangered around the world. Therefore, researching is basic to know how the current status of this threatened species is and to get a better understanding of its biology and threats they are facing. With researching programs we would like students to get involved on our main goal “to conserve leatherbacks”, tropical biodiversity and wildlife and terrestrial conservation.


The sea turtle research program is carried out in the beautiful Caribbean Coast. You will get the incredible opportunity to assist the Professional Scientist as their field assistant.


The program will be focused on studying the main threats leatherback sea turtle such as Global warming and the threats turtles face due to humans".


"This wonderful wildlife experience will allow you to work directly with leatherback adult females and hatchlings"


During the project participants will monitor the beach and will take part of the measurement surveys of nesting females with researcher staff. They also will be involved on relocating leatherback clutches to a safety place (hatchery). From June will start hatchling season, this is the time will be carrying out hatchling experiments. This amazing program will let students be face to face with these beautiful hatchlings and to try and understanding their behaviour. This is essential to conserve there future.


Ecology, conservation and threats of leatherback sea turtle new strategies against global warming:


The leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) was listed as Critically Endangered in 2000 and its situation was defined as ‘facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild in the immediate future’. Therefore, NOA´s goal is:


  • Obtain reliable estimates of demographic trends, distributions, ocean productivity and ecological interactions among sea turtles and the environment.


The main threats this species face are poaching, fisheries, and climate change. Thus, the main aim will be study and propose management strategies to mitigate them. Likewise, through environmental and experiential education achieve a wider awareness of the effects of human beings on their future.


The studies will be carried out at Pacuare Nature Reserve which hosts the most important leatherback nesting population in the Caribbean of Costa Rica. We´ll collect scientific data which will provide essential data to improve monitoring and management of conservation strategies. For this we will do several experiments:


  • Measurements of global warming effects on such as: females behaviour, sand erosion and dune vegetation. All of this researches will help to conserve leatherback populations and its habitats.

  • Clutch relocations to hatchery.


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