Mission & Goals



To be a positive influence for change, by teaching others a form of sustainable living while promoting the conservation of the incredible biodiversity in a very unique part of the world.





To conserve marine and terrestrial biodiversity by reinforcing connections between people and nature through conservation research projects, community engagement, and sustainable living experiences.


Our goals are: Conservation, experiential and environmental education, permaculture

and cultural exchange


NOA's conservation goals are:


1. Increase scientific knowledge and interest in the study area

2. Create scientific projects in collaboration with local partners

3. Increase conservation value of the area

4. Empower local coastal communities to develop and implement conservation plans





NOA's experiential and environmental education goals are:


1. Experiential education by participating in real conservation projects carried out

by NOA and local partners

2. Participants awareness of the importance of conservation of the natural resources

available to them.

3. Local community cultural and environmental awareness





NOA's permaculture goals are:


1. Promote best permaculture and sustainable living practices

2. Participants sustainable living and healthy living awareness

3. Local community sustainable living and healthy living awareness





NOA's cultural goals are:


1. Support and promote cultural exchange between foreigners students and local

students and their communities

2. Create connections between people around the world to raise awareness about

wildlife and ecosystem conservation

3. Sponsor cooperation between international participants and local communities

to help the management of conservation projects

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e-mail: info@noaoceans.org

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