Meet our team

Marta Fabregas Msc

Director and Senior Conservation Scientist at the Nature Oceans

of the Americas.


Marta is a marine biologist with a Masters in Marine Sciences

and an experienced PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

She has worked monitoring wildlife in Europe, Thailand, Mexico

and Argentina. Marta first discovered Costa Rica herself 4 years

ago and since then she has living and worked there. She has been

involved in environmental education programs, sustainable living

projects and coordinating wildlife conservation expeditions.

After more than ten years in environmental education, the main

goals driving each aspect of her life's work is to provide tangible

approaches toward creating sustainable management and conservation of marine ecosystems, while also promoted sustainable living practises. Through her work Marta hopes to create connections between people and the natural world.


“My main interests are to study the behaviour of different species of cetaceans and introduce people to the amazing underwater world.I think that is essential to connect people with experiences in nature conservation that will foster critical thinking and insightful action toward the pressing issues facing us and our ocean ecosystems today. I believe that each person, no matter who they are or what they do, has the capacity of scientific thought and ecological knowledge, when someone has a direct experience and even a small thread of understanding of nature, my hope it that it will ripple out into actions that help to heal our beautiful blue ocean communities of which we are very much a part.”     (Marta Fàbregas)

Marga López PhD

Director and Senior Wildlife Conservation Scientist at Nature Oceans

of the Americas.


Marga is a marine biologist doctored in Biology, with a Master Science in

Biodiversity and Biological Conservation, She has been coordinating

conservationalprojects in Costa Rica, Panamá, Tanzania, for NGO´s such

as PRETOMA, Endangered Wildlife Trust or Tanzanian National Parks,

where she also developed eco projects about sustainability and organic

living. Marga worked for several years as a marine researcher at the

Spanish National Oceanographic Institute in Canary Islands studying

marine reserves biodiversity, fish population distribution and sustainable

use of marine resources.


“Due to my research projects on wildlife conservation and marine

reserves I have been travelling around the world, meeting several cultures and amazing ecosystems  This has marked my life and driven me to want to spend it spreading the awareness of importance of living in a sustainable way, in balance with the environment. I have wanted to be a wildlife conservation biologist from the age of 6 and have spent the most of my life trying to learn more about how conserve species, ecosystems and lately marine biodiversity.

At the moment my passion and time is focused on the conservation of tropical wildlife and its wonderful diversity. I am interested in and specialized in marine biodiversity and I conduct research focused on the effects of global warming on these very fragile species and ecosystems.

Because of my deeply passion and love for marine conservation and researching, I hope to inspire people to also involve themselves in these issues through the medium of environmental education. My life goal is to encourage sustainable awareness through conservation, researching and sharing direct field experience.

I hope that an understanding of nature and a real understanding our connection with it will eventually produce a more friendly and sustainable world.”   (Marga López)

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