Costa Rican internship in marine biology

NOA offers you an outstanding internship program that will give you the unique opportunity to join a real marine research project that is going to have a major impact on global marine conservation. You will also live the experience of being on an organic farm in the wilds of Costa Rica learning more about how to live at one and in harmony with the natural world.


The length of the internship is a minimum of 3 weeks with the option of up to 12 weeks training on

a NOA volunteer expedition.


On the first part of the expedition located in KUEMAR reserve and  PACUARE (on the Pacific and

Caribbean coast) you will be working as a research assistant to the Scientist Marga López. This will

contribute to supporting NOA’s marine conservation projects: Ecology, Conservation and Threats

to the Leatherback sea turtle: new strategies against Global Warming,

You'll work directly with green, olive ridley and leatherback adult females and hatchlings

(depend on date).

You'll so be involved in the experimental hatchery work and with already  hatched marine turtles.


After Pacuare, you will experience life on an organic farm where

you will learn about permaculture, horticulture, land re-vegetation, native seed

preservation and biodinamics. Another project that you will take part in is a

mammal monitoring program inside the National Park, close to the organic farm.


At the end of the expedition, you will have the chance to compare results from

different environments as well as analyze all data and create your own res earch

report, with the supervision of your biologist guide.


Environmental education to local schools and to the local community are also part of the experience. You'll have the chance to create your own lesson and to share with another culture your own knowledge and passion for conservation.


I hope this unique experience will give you the opportunity to gain research ideas and share unforgettable moments with people from a different culture.


Contact us by e-mail for costs and to have your personalized itinerary.


Look forward to hearing from you


Marta & Marga


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