South African internship in Biodiversity conservation

Wildlife monitoring programme at Kruger National Park

At the end of the expedition, you will have the chance to compare results from different environments as well as analyze all data and create your own res earch report, with the supervision of your biologist guide.

This internship will let you fall in love  with African Biodiversity.



NOA offers you an outstanding internship program that will give

you the unique opportunity to join a real research project that is going to have a major impact on biodiversity conservation

 The length of the internship is a minimum of 15 days with the option of up  to  22 days training on a NOA volunteer expedition.


During this amazing 15 days you will help to the  scientist Dr. Marga López to collect important  data for the african biodiversity monitoring programme at Kruger National Park.


This will contribute to supporting NOA’s  conservation projects.

The programme consists in identifying  mammals species and recording their behaviors and distributions. This will allow scientists  to understand how mammals species distribute which additionally might help them to find new conservation strategies for the conservation of endangered species. 


I hope this unique experience will give you the opportunity to gain research ideas and share unforgettable moments with people from a

different culture.

Contact us by e-mail 

for costs and to have your personalized itinerary.



Look forward to hearing from you


Marga & Marta

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