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Nature and Oceans of the Americas fundraise expeditions for local students. The funds raised will go towards enabling future generations of local students to go on the expeditions. NOA believes that raising awareness of the importance of conservation in the community where the projects are located is crucial to preserve the biodiversity and to create sustainable solutions for the developed world.



To support one student is $500.

Our goal is to support at least 20 local students from a high school in San José and the Caribbean coast, in Costa Rica.


The goal of an expedition with NOA is to give experiential education to 20 local students from a public Costa Rican high school in San José and to give them the opportunity to join a real marine research project and contribute to the global marine conservation as well as live the experience of being in a nature reserve in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.


The local students will be working as a research assistants in Mondonguillo Reserve in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, directly with the Science coordinator and the PhDMarga López. They'll work directly with leatherback turtles, adult females and hatchlings. They'll so be involved in the experimental hatchery work this will contribute to raise data for the marine research projects.


A professional biologist from NOA and the scientific coordinator of Mondonguillo Reserve will be guiding the group at all times, as well as facilitating some workshops and experiential education in the NOA's leatherback's research project: sampling techniques, hatchery work, night patrols and wildlife monitoring, climate change measurements.The cost to support one student covers all the transport around the sites from the start and finish points of the expedition.


The cost also covers food, safe and rustic accomodation, training courses, participation in the various science projects, 24 hour emergency phone, trained and scientific staff supervision and coordination, all necessary projection equipment and materials. 

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